Spring Festival


A favorite event of Westborough residents, in 2017 the Spring Festival is being held in concert with Westborough's 300th Anniversary celebrations.

This year's Spring Festival will be held on June 10, on the beautiful grounds of the former Westborough State Hospital. The celebration features a vendor fair, 5K road race, classic car show, music, pet events, raffle baskets, and more. June 11 is the rain date. 

Results from the 2016 5K race can be found at Cool Running's website.

The historic 5K race records are posted, too, so you can see the time you need to beat for this year.

Brief intro

This  year marks the 15th annual Westborough Spring Festival (WSF), a family-focused event taking place on June 10th. This year’s event is extra special because we are celebrating this day as a component of the year-long celebration of the town of Westborough’s 300th anniversary. 

This year’s Spring Festival will take place on one day, Saturday, June 10 with a rain date on Sunday, June 11. Events will take place at three primary locations: the fields at Lake Chauncy, the Division of Massachusetts Fisheries & Wildlife Headquarters (MassWildlife) at Rabbit Hill Road and Sandra Pond. 

We’re thrilled to present a schedule of events that represents something for everyone! Lace up your sneakers and join us at 8am for the 15th Annual 5K. This year’s event will start and finish at the Fields at Lake Chauncy. The fun continues throughout the day at Lake Chauncy with the return of some favorite events - Kids’ Carnival, live music performances, amateur dog show, antique cars, military encampment - and the addition of new ones - carnival rides, Massachusetts State Police K9 Demonstration, Roche Bros Grill, Food Trucks, the 1717 Beer Tavern, “Main Street” businesses, community groups/non-profits, crafters and and so much more!

Head on over to the Open House at MassWildlife, where you can participate in interactive demonstrations, try your aim at archery, watch falconry demonstrations, participate in a scavenger hunt and enjoy this gem of a building, complete with a trout stream, located right here in our backyard on Rabbit Hill Road!  Teams from MassWildlife will also be hosting fishing lessons. Bring your gear and hone your skills while enjoying the beauty of Sandra Pond on Upton Road.  

As day turns to dusk bring your chairs and blankets to the Fields at Lake Chauncy for more live music performances by the 100th Chorus, Sky Rise Theatre, a headliner performance by the SNG Band and an awesome display of fireworks - all brought to you by the 300th Anniversary Committee!

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Spring Festival Calendar of Events

 Westborough 300th Calendar of Events 

The Westborough 300th committee has a list of events for the entire year.


Time:     11:00am – 12:00pm           
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Grab some friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues and join in the fun. We will have three games family friendly games available to test your skills and agility:

Lawn Bowling – Demonstrate your bowling skills by seeing how many of 10 softballs you can roll under a chair 50 feet away on a manicured lawn. Maximum of 3 frames per contestant.

Team Relay Race – Put together a team of five people to finish our course in the fastest time.  Each team will complete 4 laps: egg carried on spoon; two persons - three legged; carrying a bundle of wood; & a sprint through obstacles.

Badminton – Come play! Enjoy our three badminton courts for singles and doubles.  Nets, racquets and shuttlecocks will be provided.

Dog Show Summary of Events

Children’s Activities: Snuggle Pup Hut & Loving Paw Prints – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

·       Snuggle Pup Hut – Children will have the opportunity to snuggle with a pup and learn how to gently brush the animal

·       Loving Paw Prints – Children will be able to make a colorful paw print (either with their own dog or one of the volunteers’ dogs) using Tempura paint on to a paper.  This memento can be made into a sweet “paw note.” 

Doggie Show 1:30 PM-3PM

Is your dog the best dog in town? Prove it to us in the amateur dog show!! Ten different categories: smallest dog, largest dog, best tail wag, most obedient, best smile, dog that looks most like his owner, best trick, best bark, best paw shake or “high five,”, highest jump. 

·       Dog show fee: $5 per category; dog may be entered into as many categories as desired

·       All money generated from the dog show will be donated to Daisy’s Animal Rescue League located in Sterling, Mass.

·       The dog show will be judged by Todd and Lily Hathaway, owners of All About the Pup

·       Winners will receive a certificate, a dog biscuit and a T-shirt from All About the Pup 

Pup Clean-Up: Doggie Spa – 1:00 -3:00 PM

Got a dirty dog? Have your pet’s nails trimmed and their ears cleaned by All About Pup’s professional stylist

·       $5 for a nail trim, $5 for an ear cleaning, or $8 for both!

·       All proceeds will be given to Daisy’s Animal Rescue League, Inc.

Dog Agility 11:00am – 4:00pm

Come and see SureFire Dogs Training Center at the Westborough Spring Festival. We will be demonstrating Dog Agility and Obedience. Come and see our dogs’ crowd pleasing tricks.

You and your dog can show off your Dog Agility on our Agility Try It Course.

Recognition and logos for above on page:  Surefire Dogs Training Center


Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit  12:00pm – 1:30pm

Kids’ Carnival
11:00am  - 4:00pm

Includes face painting, lawn games, small crafts , finger painting and bouncy houses.

Staffed by Westborough High School Student Government and Honor Society Students


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 Town Hall Painting

The Westborough Town Hall is a visible symbol of our history as an established town and we are a people of laws and governance.  The Westborough Town Hall dates from 1832 and has sustained through fires and severe storms.  The most recent renovation completed November 9, 2015.

The Rotary Club of Westborough commissioned a painting of this highly symbolic building executed by local artist Ernie D’Elia with prints available at the 1717 Shoppe,18 Lyman St., Westborough Shopping Center.

The original oil painting will be raffled with the drawing taking place at the 300th anniversary gala ball October 7 , 2017.

Set ticket price @ $20 each, $50 for three, $100 for six.

To buy tickets or for more information email Painting@westboroughrotary.org


Main St will feature a wide range of fun and interesting exhibitors from all over our community. We'll have crafters, artists, community organizations, artisanal food producers, and local merchants all representing the wonderful depth and diversity of our local economy

Food trucks and Roche Brothers

Details Coming Soon

1717 Tavern

Details Coming Soon


Music Fest

 Event Sponsor:  Central One FCU 


Local singer-songwriter Luanne Crosby, will perform a selection of original music, including “The 100th Town,” which she wrote in honor of the town of Westborough’s 300th anniversary, and her most recent composition, composed for the Westborough Land Trust’s 20th birthday. Learn more about Luanne, her music and the community events to which she brings her talents, at luannecrosby.com.


The Worcester Jazz Collective is an extended group that explores jazz in its many forms. The group’s repertoire spans the genre of jazz from traditional to contemporary and draws on the diverse backgrounds and musical experiences of its members to bring an unique musical performance for each audience. The WJC was formed in 2014 by baritone guitarist Tom Lubelczyk and pianist Martin Gohary. Since its creation, it has been a showcase for the many wonderful musicians that make up the Worcester jazz scene, often featuring different lineups and musical identities for each performance. For more info:  www.worcesterjazzcollective.com  or worcesterjazzcollective@gmail.com.


THEATRIX is a barbershop quartet that was formed in 2001 to perform in a production of My Fair Lady.  Since then they have appeared collectively and individually in many various productions around the Worcester area.  Mark Goodney is originally from Auburn and sings Lead...the easy part. Gary Swanson sings the low down Bass and hails from Hudson.  Rick Munnis comes from way out in Holland (the town, not the country) and sings the Tenor which are the notes only dogs can hear. Chris Harris sings the Baritone which is...well..the notes that are left over. He resides in Shrewsbury.  THEATRIX is grateful for the opportunity to help celebrate Westborough and its 300th anniversary.



Lyssa Coulter:

Be sure to catch Pop/Country singer/songwriter, Lyssa Coulter, command the stage for the second year in a row at this year's Westborough Spring Festival! For updates from Lyssa follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/LyssaCoulter 

Lexi Zarozny:

After working with Patrice Peris Voice Studios, 16-year-old Lexi has already began recording original music and performing all over New England!  Check out Lexi on Instagram at instagram.com/lexizaroznymusic/

Amanda LaCoy:

15 year old Amanda LaCoy will be returning to the stage at this year’s Westborough Spring Festival, and you won’t want to miss her! For updates on Amanda follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/lacoyamanda 

Ciara Cargiulo:

Pop/Rock singer, Ciara Cargiulo, never fails to turn heads with her riveting performance and sensational vocals! This is her third time performing at the Westborough Spring Festival. More updates available on Instagram at instagram.com/ciaracargiulomusic

Adessa Rivera:

At only 12 years old, Adessa Rivera has performance and vocal skills far beyond her years! Catch her vigorous energy and spunky self returning to the Spring Festivals stage for the third year in a row! Check out more on Adessa on her Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009719085963

Taylor O’Connor:

Don't miss out on soon to be Berklee College of Music student, Taylor O’Connor, performing her first, new single “Hey Baby.”  Follow Taylor on Instagram at instagram.com/tayloroconnormusic for updates on more original music coming soon! 

Kids Activities

Time:  2:00PM to DUSK

North American Amusement takes pride in making our event fun, exciting,

See the variety of equipment meant to provide fun for children that are sure to thrill even the youngest at heart.







Tubs of Fun

Aztec Ride






Aviator Ride

Spirit Merry Go Round





 Flying Elephants

52’Chair Swing




300th Band and Fireworks

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