Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort!
We are accepting donations for this year's display.
Click above for secure credit card donation form. You can also Venmo @WestboroughRotary
We hope you think the Westborough Winter Lights are bigger and better than ever! Financial commitments made by local businesses and community members have made it possible for the Rotary Club to bring the festive lights for the winter season. Last year we added new lights to the rotary tree canopy and additional lamp post wrapping and lighting. What a difference it made!
These enhancements were “phase 2” of our club’s plan to enhance the downtown for residents and visitors alike. We will continue to work with Christmas Decor as well as partnering with DPW to provide that charming New England feel to our beloved rotary and make sure the downtown area receives the special attention it deserves for years to come. For any questions or more information on how to support this on going effort, please reach out to: .
If donating $400 to receive a Westborough Winter Lights light post banner, please contact Jim Coulson at before donating to confirm banners are still available