In early 2021, when Dismas Farms announced that they were no longer able to support the Westborough Farmers' Market, Heather Abraham of the Westborough Rotary Club (WRC) thought "Someone is going to take care of this; this is not going to just go away." Fast forward to the next Rotary Board Meeting and there it was on the agenda: Helping the Farmers' Market. Like Heather, the 7,000 other Facebook followers of the Westborough Farmers' Market were saddened to hear there would not be the annual town event this year. If you haven't had the chance to stop by the market, Westborough TV covered opening day in 2019 and you can just feel summer in the air. It's a classic New England scene, and one of the great charms of living in Westborough.  
The good news is that the Westborough Rotary Club has committed to keeping things going, along with the support of other civic organizations in town. Together with the team at the Congregational Church, the WRC will be coordinating volunteers and vendors to bring the town another wonderful season of the Farmers' Market. The next big step is coordinating that help, so if you are interested in learning more or volunteering any amount of time this summer, please reach out to Heather Abraham at
Opening day for 2021 will be Thursday June 24th, running through September 29th. 
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